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What is hydroseeding?

Hydroseeding is where seed, mulch, fertilisers, and tackifiers are blended together in a water bound slurry that is then sprayed on to the site creating an organic non woven blanket that will protect the seed. It is successfully used to establish grasses, wild flowers, legumes (nitrogen fixing plants), shrubs and trees directly onto sub-soils, overburden materials, demolition rubble, quarry waste, colliery shale and pulverised fuel ash. It is also used to establish grass on golf courses football pitches and other sports amenities.

Where is it specified?

Ideal sites are steep slopes, erosion prone soils, inaccessible terrain or wet sites that cannot be accessed with conventional seeding equipment.

For successful results, the technique requires a detailed knowledge of the site conditions to prepare a reliable specification. Rarely can a specification be transferred from one site to another without some risk of failure. For example, a steep sloping site comprising a sandy-silt loam sub soil will need the soil surface stabilising to prevent erosion, this will necessitate the use of fast growing grasses and high application rates for mulch and tackifiers. In contrast, establishment of a wild flower meadow on a calcareous clay loam will require slower growing "nurse" grasses to be sown with the wild flower seed and lower rates of fertilisers, mulch and tackifiers.

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